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There’s links here to all the scientists in all the zones we’ve run since March 2010.

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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Avani Wildani I program computer models of how the brain works Hydrogen Zone May 2015
Jeff Shi I study the world’s bats, and how evolution has molded them into a group of superhero-like animals as spectacularly diverse as Batman’s gadgets. Hydrogen Zone May 2015
Kenzi Clark I help keep General Mills food products free from harmful bacteria, so they are safe for you to eat! Hydrogen Zone May 2015
K. Lindsay Hunter As a biological anthropologist, I study human bones and fossils to learn more about our past. I also look for new ways to keep monkeys and farmers from hurting one another. It’s like a cross between “Bones” and Jane Goodall! Hydrogen Zone May 2015
Zoe GetmanPickering I study predatory insects, and the fear they cause. I also study how plants talk to each other through huge underground fungus networks. Hydrogen Zone May 2015
Andrew Maynard AAAS Global Science Engagement 2016 February 2016
Lindsay Hunter AAAS Global Science Engagement 2016 February 2016
Paige Brown Jarreau AAAS Global Science Engagement 2016 February 2016
Sean Murphy AAAS Global Science Engagement 2016 February 2016
Jeff Shi AAAS Global Science Engagement 2016 February 2016
Jonathan Jackson I study the brains of old people as they think really hard and try to remember stuff. Helium Zone April 2016
Kellie Jaremko I study pain and addiction in patients before/after they have surgery. Helium Zone April 2016
Kevin Baker I study how your blood works to form clots (which eventually form scabs) when you get hurt (like falling off a bike). Helium Zone April 2016
Melissa Wilson Sayres I use computers to understand sex chromosome evolution in humans and other species. Helium Zone April 2016
Stephanie Moon I study how mosquito-borne viruses and genetic conditions change the way human cells function in response to stress Helium Zone April 2016
Alexander Taylor I study how certain plants evolved the ability to recognize and partner with bacteria in the soil. Soil Zone April 2016
Ana Páez Garcia I study how the plants build their root system to explore the soil and reach all the water and nutrients they need. Soil Zone April 2016
Clay Robinson I am a soil scientist who is passionate about learning and about teaching others about the importance of soil, the foundation of all terrestrial ecosystems! Soil Zone April 2016
Keegan Cooke I create electricity from mud, using bacteria! (and you can too!) Soil Zone April 2016
Mark Ritchie I discover new ways that animals, plants, and soil microorganisms affect each other and how this knowledge can help transform how people live. Soil Zone April 2016
Candace Lewis I scan brains, manipulate genes, and measure behavior all to figure out how it is that we are who we are! Genomics Zone March 2017
Jennifer Hintzsche I write computer software to try and cure cancer! Genomics Zone March 2017
Matthew Bainbridge I look at genetic data in sick kids and and try to figure out what’s going on. Genomics Zone March 2017
Sahra Uygun I use biological data, information from >20,000 genes and try to make sense about gene regulation and function in the model plant Genomics Zone March 2017
Xueyuan Jiang I study how genes acquire new function after they copied themselves millions years ago Genomics Zone March 2017