How I’m a Scientist works for a Teacher

A photo of students taking part online, on computers, in the classroomI’m a Scientist is a student-led STEM enrichment activity, which connects students with working scientists online.

In the activity, students can:

  • Read profiles of scientists in different careers
  • Chat with scientists in 40-minute, text-only live chats which you can book for your classes
  • Ask the scientists questions about everything and anything
  • Vote for their favourite scientist to win $500 to do more science engagement

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For students of all abilities

The activity is student-led (students ask the questions they want to) so different age groups, ability levels, and backgrounds all get something out of it. It’s suitable for:

  • Age 9 to 18 years old
  • Special zones just for elementary schools
  • Community colleges, special classes and non-mainstream educational settings

“The enthusiasm of the scientists involved is contagious and the children get very excited when questions are answered.” – Teacher, June 2019


A photo of students taking part online, on computers, in the classroomPerfect for blended learning

Everything happens online. It’s text-only – no audio or video needed!

Students can take part from school or home – all they need is a device with internet access.


Secure experience

No personal details are shared on the site. Only students given access by their teacher can log in. Teachers can also moderate live chats.

All interactions are moderated by our DBS-checked moderation team.

“It helps [to see] students in a different light. Some who are normally very quiet in school became very active in the chat.” – Teacher, May 2020


Fits into your timetable

I’m a Scientist is a flexible online activity.
Book live chats for the dates and times that suit you. Students can log in at any point to read profiles and ask questions.

“Incredibly easy to set up and run” – STEM Coordinator, April 2020


Free for US schools

We work with a range of funders to offer this activity free to US schools.

Teacher resources

We have created some free teaching materials that we’ve developed for the I’m a Scientist event. They’re designed to develop students’ debating and discussion skills, and help the event run as smoothly as possible in your classroom. Teacher Resources ❯

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