Benefits of Taking Part

We’ve outlined the key benefits for students and teachers, scientists and funders. The benefits are collected from teachers, students and scientists who have taken part in our UK and USA  events, through feedback forms and interviews for our evaluation reports.

Benefits for Scientists

  • The most mentioned benefit is that taking part develops communication skills – “The most important thing in the end is that we learn to improve our science communication for young people”.  – Lindsay Hunter
  • Scientists can take part from their desk or lab. There’s no time wasted travelling and very little preparation is needed.
  • It’s an opportunity to understand what the public really think about science and scientists.
  • Scientists hone the way they talk about their work, using phrases they coined during I’m a Scientist years later.
  • Gives scientists the opportunity to talk to students about science as a career.

“I cannot imagine a better use of my time the last two weeks than interacting with my fellow scientists and the amazing students that whole time.” – Jeff Shi, Hydrogen Zone
“I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to interact with so many amazing schools and students! This was a really transformative experience for me” – Lindsay Hunter, Hydrogen Zone

Benefits for Students and Teachers

I’m a Scientist brings real science to life for your students.

  • Students see that scientists are normal people
  • Students are introduced the wide range of careers within science – not just limited to Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • The students guide the event – they ask the questions and vote for the winning scientists.
  • Gets students enthusiastic about their science lessons! 
  • Schools build partnerships with scientists who’ve taken part
  • Being online gives all students a voice.
  • Easy (and free!) for teachers to organize as it’s supported by a teacher pack & differentiated lesson plans.
“I learned that you are cooler scientist than the other cool scientist! I also learned that me and you aren’t so different. I learned really cool things about you. Thank you so much!! I hope you win!!” Student

“They were asking a lot of good questions about science careers and school during and after. I would definitely do this again!! Thanks for letting us participate!!”Teacher, Garth Webb Secondary School

“We are also very much alike. You also give very truthful responses even if they don’t make you look perfect. This is why I voted for you. I learned that you should pay attention in all classes because you don’t know what will benefit you in the future.” – Student

“Hi! Just had the first chat and the kids loved it! They actually want to send the scientists they voted for letters explaining why they chose them.”Teacher, Kindezi School

“I am always looking for ways to engage those kids who don’t see science as “fun” and I am glad that your lighthearted and enthralling answers inspired them! Keep up the GREAT work!!” – Teacher, Hamilton Middle School

Benefits for Funders

“Supporting a scientist to take part in I’m a Scientist is an effective way of reaching hundreds of young people, with a format that really works for them. The event is excellently-organized and is a great way to encourage scientists into public engagement.” – Philippa Bayley, Bristol University Centre for Public Engagement

“This event is an innovative means to help teachers to inspire the scientists of tomorrow and promote young people’s engagement with science.” – Miranda Stephenson, National Science Learning Centre

  • The event supports staff development – it develops skills, and also their motivation for communicating their work.
  • I’m a Scientist is a great way of reaching young people – is allows in-depth engagement with hundreds of young people, without the scientist even having to leave their lab.
  • It’s a good way of foregrounding the great work your scientists are doing and results in positive PR.